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Notes from the Underground 10/22/21

The Underground wishes students luck on their midterms. But not too much luck. We don’t want test scores going up like the inflation rate — there are curves and weights to consider.

What if the Bible was the 0000’s equivalent of Twilight and future generations have been basing our society around an ancient teen fantasy series? Maybe the 4000’s version of Catholicism vs Protestantism will be Team Edward vs Team Jacob.

Looking for an uncrackable password? Try UnitedStatesPolicyTowardsTheMiddleEast. Nobody could ever guess it.

The Underground finds it hilarious that there was a pitcher-batter matchup in baseball of Britton vs France (with a Judge as an outfielder). There was even a realistic outcome: France defeated Britton, and Judge was unable to overrule the call. The Underground is left to wonder if Britton will leave the league as a result. Even America’s pastime provides no respite from politics.

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