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Founded in 1933


The Griffin Newspaper
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208


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The Griffin is Canisius College's very own student-run newspaper and oldest club. Founded in 1933,The Griffin publishes a print newspaper most Fridays during the semester in order to keep students, faculty, staff, and members of the wider community informed on campus news and events.


Comprised of four sections - News, Features, Opinion, and Sports - The Griffin has a spot for everyone, even if you've never written before. We also have non-writing options in newspaper layout, photography and podcasting! Any undergraduate student can join and contribute as much or as little as they want.


Look out for our papers on racks around campus, or view them here, on Friday mornings. Check us out on Instagram @thecanisiusgriffin and on Twitter @CanisiusGriffin. 

-Ava and Jon

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2023-24 Staff

Senior Leadership

Editor-in-Chief: Ava Green

Managing Editor: Jon Dusza

Layout Director: Elizabeth Shingler

Section Editors

News Editor: Sydney Umstead

Features Editor: Maddy Lockwood

Opinion Editor: Connor Pohlman

Sports Editor: Colton Pankiewicz

Creative Team

Multimedia Director: Sophie Asher

Asst. Multimedia Director: Rebecca Nagel

Copy Editor: Emma Radel

Asst. Copy Editor: Ashley Kurz

Photography Director: Sophie Asher

Sport Photography Director: Chloe Breen


News Layout: Lucas Watson

Features Layout: Elizabeth Shingler

Opinion Layout: Mikayla Boyd

Sports Layout: Chloe Breen

Assistant Section Editors

Asst. News Editor: Delaney Hayden

Asst. Sports Editor: Colin Richie

Asst. Features Editor: Hannah Wiley

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The History of The Griffin

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