• Patrick Healy

Notes from the Underground 10/08/21

The Underground would like to shoutout Don from the mailroom.

Palindromes are words or phrases that are the same spelled backwards and forwards. You know, radar, noon, Anna. The Underground doesn’t know why “corruption ssergnoC” isn’t officially recognized by Merriam-Webster.

Palms were heard hitting faces all around the world when NBC proffered this beauty of a statistic: the Buccaneers vs Patriots game was the “first game in NFL history that both coaches were 69+ years old.”

The Underground suggests that we honor his entertainment industry background and flair for the dramatic by dubbing Donald Trump “The Capitalizer.” He capitalized seemingly every Noun in his Tweets, has lots of financial capital, is for capital punishment, capitalizes on poor people, and incited a riot at the Capitol.

What do you call a middle school baseball game? The War of Eighteen Twelve Year-Olds.

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