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When Creative Juices Stop Flowing

By Maddy Lockwood, Assistant Features Editor

I have hit such a creative rut that I can’t even think of a good opener for this article. Everything that I typically write about seems stale and uninteresting, and that fact really isn’t motivating me to write much. And to be fair, if I can’t even bear to write my own article, there is no chance I am going to force you guys to read it. There are some points in the semester that I feel like I could be writing multiple articles per week, but at least once a semester, the same issue arises — I end up completely stumped for ideas. I didn’t even think of this topic for my article: that was all Features Editor Ava Green. At the very least, this creativity block gives me the opportunity to share with all my loyal readers how I work through my periods of low creativity and no motivation.

I normally write from my recent experiences and mini breakthroughs that I have during my weekly side quests, so this recent block lets me know that I have done absolutely nothing interesting or fun lately that I can write about! Honestly, if you ask me, that's lame. So we have to fix that. Thankfully, I am going to Atlantic City next week for the MAAC Basketball tournament, so we may at least get some interesting articles out of that.

In the bigger picture, it tells me that I have again found myself too swallowed up in the less fun things in life, like work and school, and ignoring the things that I love. I have found, at least in myself, that creativity sparks creativity. In writing this article alone, I have at least found the smallest amount of creativity that has even allowed me to finish this (see stats at the end of this article to see how long I put this off and distracted myself). Sitting down in front of your laptop and staring at a blank document is not going to help you work through a block. Even when I can’t bring myself to write, I usually try to jumpstart myself with something else that brings me joy: iced blonde vanilla lattes, hot girl walks, painting, even just distracting others (I could receive a gold medal for my abilities in this last one).

Frankly, this is my best advice and all I can muster at the moment that still somewhat makes sense. Essentially, the rundown is if you find yourself in a rut, don’t stay there, and move your silly little self around until you’re out of it.

Article Stats:

1 hour and 38 minutes to write 428 words

1 piece of Cheesecake eaten

3 episodes of “The Office (Extended Cut)” watched

16 times I opened and closed the TikTok app out of frustration

1 unidentified object (later identified as a glass bottle of Hennesey, and no, I don’t know who threw it) thrown at my bedroom window

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