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Was it good or was I 13?

By Maddy Lockwood, Features Contributor

This is the second week of me rewatching and revisiting things that make me nostalgic for my childhood. This week I chose “Victorious,” which aired on Nickelodeon back in 2010. It aired for four seasons and quickly became a staple for many children and preteens.

The show is based around Tori Vega, her friends and their unusual high school. They all attend Hollywood Arts High School, a performing arts school in California where they seem to do an extravagant performance at least once an episode. Every character who attends Hollywood Arts is extremely talented in some regard, which is how they earn their position in their school. Tori (Victoria Justice), Cat (Ariana Grande) and Jade (Liz Gillies) are all singers and actors. Beck (Avan Jogia) is solely an actor, Andre (Leon Thomas III) is a musician and Robbie (Matt Bennett) is a ventriloquist, but the boys still participate in everything that the girls do.

Victorious helped along the careers of all of the main characters of the show. Ariana Grande’s music career grew exponentially after the show began airing, and Liz Gillies, Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice all continue to act in many large projects as leads.

The show is very similar to other Nickelodeon shows put out during this time. It has bad jokes and loud laugh tracks that cover some awkward moments of silence. The characters’ outfit choices are bad, but the performances in the show have exciting choreography and great singing that usually features Tori. The drama typically revolves around the performances they put on or the people they are dating. Every episode has a different plot line so it would be an ideal show for binge-watching or to have on in the background because it doesn’t require much attention to keep up with. This show would not be my first choice to watch now as an older teen, but it has its moments where it is worth the watch every once in a while.

The Decision: It was… okay. I will not deem it as a bad show, but you really aren’t missing much.

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