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  • Madelynn Lockwood

C-Corner’s last hurrah

By: Madelynn Lockwood, Features Editor

If you have had the pleasure of being in the office on any given Thursday or read the sports section of our paper then you have experienced what The Griffin lovingly refers to as “The C-Corner.” The name refers to the area of the room that used to house our Sports section editors — the back right corner — and the fact that all of these editors happened to share the same first initial. And this will be the final edition of The Griffin that will see the C-Corner edit and publish a paper together. 

The C-Corner consists of four editorial staff members: Connor Pohlman, Colton Pankiewicz, Chloe Cohen-Breen and Colin Richey. Last spring, our editorial staff was announced, with Colton and Connor leading the charge as co-Sports editors, Colin taking the role of assistant editor and Chloe rounding out the group, serving as the layout designer and lead photographer. All of them have been integral parts of the team that allowed the section to work, and as a bonus they all have “C” names, making them even more qualified. 

The section was born with Chloe and Connor being the first members of the team in the beginning of fall 2022. In December of that year, Colton became the assistant editor of sports and finally, as we rolled into the 2023-24 school year and the addition of Colin, the C-Corner puzzle was complete. The “CoCo” corner, as it was previously known, officially became the C-Corner.

Later, Connor decided that he wanted to branch out and create an entirely new section of the paper that would allow people to showcase their artistic work, which later became the Creative Corner that we know and love. This left Colton to become the sole head editor of Sports, but the C-Corner remained alive as they maintained the same desk setup despite the shift in positioning. 

All of these editors maintain such distinct and different personalities and energy levels that happen to create an incredible conglomerate of a section.

Connor remains a man of few words until you pick a topic that he feels particularly passionate about, then you’ll have a time trying to stop him from talking about it. He is the expert and a veteran of the corner; despite his new section and decided step away from Sports, he is there for questions and advice, and he is undoubtedly a key member of our staff, aside from being Colton’s unruly counterpart. Connor claims that it was he who first coined the term C-Corner.

The fall of 2022 added Chloe’s creativity and photography skills which have allowed the section to have such a distinct and beautiful appearance. Chloe stands as the most efficient member of the section, always pulling together the final product despite the time constraints that the Corner hands to her. Along with being the coolest person in the section, she has shown to be an incredibly reliable and genuine friend, and she always comes equipped with a couple one-liners to humble the other three members of the team.

Colton remains our most entertaining editor in the office with his odd forms of expression of excitement. His passions for sports and for knowing other people have been a stronghold in our office, especially when we needed a randomly deep conversation on any given Thursday night. Colton is the friend we all need being the best combination of seriousness, honesty, introspectivity and exuberance. 

Finally, Colin, on rowdier evenings, seems to be the one maintaining the work mentality, and this editor has made the determination that he is the only reason that our sports content is ever posted online. Despite being the youngest member of the C-Corner, Colin tends to be the most responsible and is always willing to go the extra mile and do the extra work. In full transparency, he ensured the section didn’t burn to the ground.

With the mention of this being C-Corner’s final edition of The Griffin, Chloe quickly added, “Don’t bring it up, I am trying not to think about it,” and I believe that the entire staff shares that sentiment.

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