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  • Mitchell Popovski

Matthew Mulville, Director of Student Life, to Retire After 36 Years

By: Mitchell Popovski, Contributor

Trying to sum up 36 years of hard work and dedication to students is nearly impossible, but nevertheless here we are.

Matthew Mulville, the director of Student Life at Canisius University, is set to retire at the conclusion of the 2023-24 academic year. Over his nearly four decades at the University, Matt has exemplified the idea of being a man for and with others. Throughout my time working in the office, I have heard from multiple different people that our Student Life department is one of the most capable student life offices any college will ever have, and that all starts from the top. Matt has, over the years, fought hard for the good of Canisius students. He constantly listens to any complaints or concerns they may have, and he gives his all to ensure that Canisius is truly the place to be. He does this by bringing a welcoming presence to the office, one where all have a voice, regardless of class year or position at the college. His impact on campus goes far beyond what students may realize; for instance, that little patch of grass outside of Bosch in the Quad was his doing, arguing that the students needed some grass on campus when the school wanted to pave it over.

One area of Matt’s legacy that will live on long after his career that every student knows about is the annual bonfire at the beginning of the fall semester. Matt wanted the students to have a great big welcoming back, and he proposed the idea of a bonfire to then-Canisius President Father Cooke. After much convincing he was able to get the President to approve the event, and it has been going strong for well over a decade.

Working with Matt has also been a great experience. He is always open to joking with us and fosters a warm environment in the office. The man I have gotten to know over the years has been a great role model not only for me but for everyone who has passed through the halls of Student Life. The stories he has and the wisdom he possesses from his years of experience help make the office, and the University, feel alive. 

Associate Director of Student Life Mark Piatkowski writes that, “Matt’s 36 years at Canisius speaks volumes of his loyalty, passion and expertise. Over that time, he has mentored and inspired countless professionals and Graduate Assistants. His insight and leadership will be missed. As an office, we want to extend our appreciation of his time served and his countless years of dedication towards the betterment of Canisius University. We all hope you enjoy retirement.” On a side note, as director of Student Life, Matt has a 100% placement record for our HESAA graduates, showing how well he and the university prepare them for the real world.

It’ll be hard seeing Matt leave Canisius, although I am trying to persuade him to come to my graduation next year (I am his favorite, after all). Whoever the University hires to succeed him certainly has rather big shoes to fill. On behalf of all the students at Canisius University, I would like to thank Matt for all he has done for us over the years.

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