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  • Briana Wasil

To the explorers

By: Briana Wasil

To the explorers:

Your world might be full of hurdles you can’t quite understand,

And piled on with expectations dated for exams,

There might be clocks ticking at a beat in the back of your head,

Making sure there’s no historical repeats hanging on by a thread

It might be cold and dark when the shadows come out and play,

Or perhaps it’s just the layer of cold ice that can’t seem to thaw away.

Your stuck between two corridors, on the brink of “carpe diem”

-Everything that you can experience and dream of-

So if you choose to go exploring make sure you are prepared,

Take your dagger in hand, lest you be caught unaware

Be sure to stand tall against the thunders of the winds

They’ll want to pull you back and protest against your wins

Fear not of time or any mundane force,

But of not taking the chances when you had the course.

There will be times that you waver, perplexed by it all,

But trust the balance, you will not fall.

You’ll find hidden allies, they’ll help you on your path

Of exploring the unknown and making time infinitely last.

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