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  • Briana Wasil

Remind Me

By: Briana Wasil

Remind me of the good times and what I still have 

Sometimes amid the chaos my mind sweeps in with the bad 

I want to remember the sunny days where light swept through the trees 

That even when the sun was too bright I still laid there for its warmth-

Without a constant fear of getting sunburnt

Remind me of the places I lived out of and how they were homes named by me 

Because not every home is a house 

And not everybody has one home 

Remind me about the beauty of experiences 

How enlightening they can be

And although it hurts to be let down

That even though you’re forced to resign 

It shaped a part of your life and will open up doors filled with possibilities —

Just… give it some time

Remind me that titles are just a name and it’s the character you become 

Not everything is about winning 

You don’t have to be someone else to be welcomed  

Nor keep reverting back to your beginning 

Remind me of the memories I’ve created and witnessed with people 

The love between a dog and human as they play on an open field as the sun is rising 

The bond between friends as they quickly become equals

Silent laughter that’s so strong you end up crying 

Two people holding hands along a view that’s peaceful 

Please remind me of the beauty of life because I can sometimes forget 

All the memories we carry with us 

So remind me… 

That I am the conductor of my own happiness 

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