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Little Theatre is Proud to Present “And The Winner Is…”

Canisius University’s Little Theatre is proud to present their final show of the school year with Mitch Albom’s “And The Winner Is…” directed by Eileen Dugan. Little Theatre will be opening their production of the show on Thursday April 25 @ 8 p.m. Audiences will be able to watch the show on Friday April 26 @ 8 p.m. as well, followed by two performances on Saturday April 27, @ 2 p.m. & 8 p.m. 

Plot synopsis: AND THE WINNER IS tells the comic story of Tyler Johnes, a self-obsessed movie star, who is finally nominated for an Oscar, then dies the night before the awards. Outraged at his bad luck and determined to know if he wins (even though he's dead), he bargains with a heavenly gatekeeper to return to earth for the big night. Along the way, he drags his agent, his acting rival, his bombshell girlfriend and his ex-wife into the journey, in a wildly twisting tale of Hollywood, the afterlife, and how we are judged. (

Directed by: Eileen Dugan

Co-Stage Managers: Briana Wasil & Nadia Philibin


Tyler Johnes - Connor Pohlman

Sheamus - Andrew Nowel

Teddy LaPetite - Amanda Ostroske

Sheri - Mallory Knox

Kyle Morgan - Michael Dobrasz

Serenity - Abby Gurgol

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