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Tips to stay fashionable this fall

By Ava Green, Features Contributor

Fall is officially here, and with the seasons changing, it can be hard to make the transition from summer to fall clothes. But have no fear — your guide to fall and winter fashion is here! Based on recent runways and articles from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, this is the inside scoop on what trends to hop on, what colors to try out and what classic look is back in.


Leather jackets are an iconic article of clothing that perfectly combines sophistication and grunge. They add an undeniable element of coolness to every outfit. Leather jackets are incredibly chic and versatile; able to enhance any outfit without taking much effort. This fall, we are seeing leather jackets pop up in the form of trenches instead of the usual moto or bomber jacket. The sleek look and familiar material add an inadvertent retro flare to any look you try. But, please — try to buy vegan leather jackets!

Apres Ski Style

Ski resort-wear is in! Puffer jackets are the cutest way to stay toasty all winter long. There is also a growing rise in the popularity of statement sweaters. Ski resort-style gets much of its inspiration from trends of the 1980s (for example, bright colors and geometric patterns). With these styles on the rise, we are also seeing a much preppier aesthetic. This nostalgic, alpine-style being on the rise is great news for all of the thrifting enthusiasts out there!


Plaid and tartan have been stylish since the beginning of time. This fall, plaid is back with a vengeance. The difference is in the varieties of colors, patterns and way that plaid is being incorporated, from checkered sneakers to gingham dresses to the iconic plaid trouser. Not only is it cute and stylish, but it is a timeless fall staple.


I am sure we all know that fall means earthy tones with pops of warm reds and oranges, and this year we have seen a rise in the popularity of colors like green and brown. These colors are always a safe and stylish bet, but surprisingly, vibrant colors are in and making a statement. I’m not saying you should swap out all of your neutrals for neons, but incorporating more saturated hues or trying color-blocking may be the best way to look trendy this fall.


The easiest way to make it seem like you have put loads of effort into your wardrobe is layering. Adding an interesting collar can elevate an outfit. Try putting a collared shirt underneath your sweater, or a turtleneck under your t-shirt. Coco Chanel says, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This fall, do the opposite. Add some unique jewelry or a stylish sweater or jacket to spice up your look!

So, try to push yourself out of your fashion comfort zone this fall. Hey, maybe you will find a style that speaks to you. As much as we can try to predict trends for the upcoming season, the best style is your own. At the end of the day, you look your best when you are wearing something that you feel comfortable in. Go forth and conquer — the world is your runway!

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