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The Griffin Editorial 11/11/22

Meal plans too limited

Opinion Layout Editor Elizabeth Shingler: As a freshman, I arrived excited at the dining hall for the choices. The options are sufficient, but the number of times that I utilize them to make it worth it is not. As a dormer I need to purchase a meal plan, which is fine, however, the end of the semester is approaching and I still have almost 140 meal swipes left. This problem is unique and can have so many solutions.

The easiest solution is to add another option of so many swipes to money. I purchased plan C, and I still have 140 meal swipes and less than $40. Meal plan C is currently the “best” option for me, but I do not use the dining hall enough for me to justify having a plan. I have a friend who has the exact opposite problem, they have too much money and too few swipes.

The second solution could be interesting to implement. Let’s send swipes in exchange for money. I utilize the on-campus Iggy’s and Tim Horton’s because both are more convenient for my schedule. I cannot eat lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and breakfast is during my first class. Usually, dinner is too crowded, and I typically am not hungry during the hours that it is open. The only option that I have is swiping in my friends, but my and my friend's schedules do not line up. -ES

An absence of stickers

Opinion Layout Editor Elizabeth Shingler: In February I turned 18 and I registered to vote as soon as I could. Living in Buffalo, rather than my hometown of Bolivar in Allegheny County, I needed to vote via absentee ballot. Upon the arrival of the ballot, I was depressed at the lack of the iconic “I Voted” sticker. The sticker was the second reason I voted, obviously behind doing my civic duty and utilizing my voice. It would not be hard to include one—the papers are not too plentiful for a sticker to be included.

The sticker is a badge of honor. As a voter, I deserve a sticker. The sticker could be placed on the information sheet that comes with the ballot. Alternatively, the sticker could be sent as confirmation that your vote was received. It would be good to know if the ballot was received and when. I placed my ballot and tried to look up where my ballot was, and eventually found out. It was not as simple as “look it up and there it is.” My vote was received on October 14th, and still no sticker. Luckily I was able to get a sticker from the voting site here on campus. I think for the next four years I will try to register so I can vote in the area. It would be far more convenient to vote in Erie County than in my home in Bolivar. -ES

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