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  • Kyra Laurie

The Canon Events of Your First Semester

By Kyra Laurie, Photography Director

Welcome to the next four years of your life! Orientation is over, so what now? Well, no college experience is the same; it is what you make of it. Remember that everyone around you has gone through the same milestones (or canon events) as you. Each and every one of your peers has had sleepless nights in the library, failed a test, and even skipped a class or two. Aside from hearing the phrase “it’s a great day to be a Griff” used as a response to absolutely any question or statement, here are three canon events you will experience in your first semester.

1. First Week of Classes

Once orientation is said and done, it is time to get to the real reason you came to college: that silly little degree. The first week of classes is something that you will always remember. Do you know where any of your classes are? Nope. Is that a problem? No, because I can assure you that everyone else is struggling with the first week of classes, too. This is the week where you find your groove and try to establish a routine. You may feel nervous and uncomfortable, but that is completely normal. After week one, you will be an absolute champ, so power through!

2. The First Big Test

The time has come. It has officially reached the point in the semester where professors begin testing you. The audacity! You came to class, paid attention, and did your homework — and now they are going to test you? It's okay. I promise you will get through it. But the funny thing about the first big test is that you will immediately, without fail, absolutely PANIC. Suddenly, you forget every study tip and method you have learned over the past decade or so of your academic career. Then, you’ll try to read over every single chapter, handout and note that the professor has given you for days leading up to the test. But you know what? Whether you perform well or not, it's your first test as a college student. This grade does not define you or the rest of your academic career. Besides, the whole test will most likely be on that one thing you didn’t study anyways.

3. Registration for the Spring Semester

The most challenging and nerve-wracking part of your first semester is registering for classes for the spring semester. We call this the Hunger Games. Registration is organized by class year: Seniors register first, and it goes down the line to the first-years. Ultimately, this means you pray and hope for weeks that you can get the classes you want. At the bottom of the food chain, it ALMOST never goes the way you initially planned. A small secret I will share, that you must promise stays between you and I, is that it gets easier — MUCH easier.

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