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  • Mitchell Popovski

Students for Life March on Washington

By: Mitchell Popovski, Contributor

Keeping up with tradition, Canisius University’s charter of Students for Life (SFL) traveled to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. The annual march, which began on Jan. 22 in 1974, is a yearly event that calls thousands of pro-lifers to attend and protest for the right to life. The occasion provides a wide variety of events for attendees to participate in, such as live music, speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, Catholic masses and a formal Rose Gala dinner. This year some of the featured speakers were Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson and Jim Harbaugh of Michigan Wolverines Football and a National Championship–winning head coach, among others. 

This year’s march took place on Jan. 19, 2024, with Canisius students leaving the day before after a six-hour delay due to the weather. While unable to attend the Rose Gala, we were able to sightsee the city and attend all other functions offered. The four of us, coming from a variety of majors and backgrounds, got to take part in a national effort to stand up for the right to life. One of our members even got to be interviewed about why they chose to march.

Multiple students who attended provided comments on our journey. Students for Life Secretary Alexandra Hackett said, “The March for Life was an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. A true safe space.” 

Emma Flatau, the organization’s vice president, added, “The march was an incredible experience and a great way to get involved in the fight for life. It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many young people who are so passionate and unapologetic in their faith.”

Following the march, we returned home around 10:30 p.m. Friday evening. SFL currently plans to take part in a Mass for the Unborn at Canisius’s Christ the King Chapel on Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. If you are interested in joining Students for Life, please feel free to join on GriffNet, email or follow on Instagram @canisius_sfl.

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