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Ranking Halloween costumes I saw this weekend

By Megan Campbell, Features Contributor

  1. Sikowitz from Victorious: 11/10. Personally, I might be a bit biased as this one was our Features Editor Ava Green. However, I believe it showed creativity and originality that you don’t usually see on Halloween, and the beard was a true feat of dedication and artistry.

  2. Walter White: 10/10. I’m quite accustomed to seeing boys dressed as Walter White, so seeing a girl was very refreshing! She gave me blue rock candy and her jumpsuit was still a fairly pristine white despite being in an incredibly grimy basement.

  3. Gender-swapped Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny: 9/10. A twist on a classic costume that I absolutely loved and I’m jealous that I didn’t think of. I did see it a few times, but I wasn’t mad about it at all.

  4. Megara and Hercules: 8/10. It was a couple's costume and it was so cute. It might be overdone in general, but I didn’t see anybody else wearing it this year besides these two. Megara’s hair was gorgeous and made me proud to share a nickname with her.

  5. Pat Healy as Ava Green: 7/10. The source material and idea itself is truly inspired. However, Pat is being docked points for a lack of true commitment. He was missing some eyeliner and pink streaks in his hair. Plus, his shoes were far too clean to resemble Ava’s.

  6. Angel/Devil duos: 6/10. It’s so impressive that they manage to find cute angel wings every time. I really love the color contrast. A little basic, but no complaints here.

  7. (Wo)men in Black: 5/10. My friends and I thought it was unique but I saw at least four other posts with friends dressed up as the Men in Black. While I’m tempted to say that we did it best, we were lost in a sea of people dressed essentially the same as us.

  8. Sully from Monsters Inc.: 4/10. More impressive that they didn’t suffer from heatstroke in that glorified fur suit. The headpiece of his costume fell off which was hilarious and brought this up from a 1/10.

  9. Harry Potter houses: 3/10. VERY basic, but cute. It’s instantly recognizable and it’s an easy way to do a group costume when you’re a college student on a budget.

  10. Minion: 2/10. Apparently I look bad in yellow.

  11. Priest: 1/10. Only really funny because we go to a Jesuit school. Uninspired.

  12. Jeffery Dahmer: 0/10. I do support men in wire glasses in general, but dressing up as a serial killer is unanimously poor taste. Additionally, I saw probably 20 plus of them, and not to hate on common costumes, but you can do better.

  13. Ice cream: -1/10. It was supposed to be a couple’s costume with mint chocolate chip and confetti, but what it really ended up being was pieces of paper poorly taped to white clothes. They also tried to fight me. Not a fan.

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