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Quadrangle Legacy release gathers readers and writers of now and yesterday

By April Vega, Managing Editor

This year’s edition of the Quadrangle was unveiled on Wednesday in Grupp Fireside Lounge, bringing together Canisius students, alumni and faculty as the journal’s staff handed out the latest print in the series.

The Quadrangle is a literary magazine comprising prose, poetry and visual media submitted by Canisius’s own community. Having published annually for decades with a virtual release during the first year of the pandemic, the zine’s editors sought a theme for this version that, as the 70th edition, echoed to the reader the continuous spirit of creativity that’s kept it alive all this time. They settled on “Legacy.”

“Q70 was a bridge between the past and the future,” said Editor-in-Chief Brianna Propis, “with a special emphasis on the current moment and knowing the future of the Quadrangle is in solid hands — which is the dream for any literary magazine.”

Alongside original works from current students and faculty, the zine features revisited pieces from contributors of previous editions. “We sought to create a magazine that was timely and timeless, incorporating literature and art from our current pool of Canisius students as well as reaching out to iconic figures from Quadrangle’s past,” said Propis.

The publication’s contributors represent a variety of backgrounds, identities and majors, and students from every academic inclination are encouraged to submit the fruits of their creativity. After all, the journal is, as Propis put it, “above all else an ode to the daunting yet rewarding notion of literary and visual art that is inevitable: putting your work — pieces of yourself — into the world and hoping (and knowing) it will find the audience it is meant to find.”

During the unveiling, several contributors shared their printed media to the audience, bringing their creative processes and the meanings behind their artistry to light. Before closing remarks, the organization’s faculty advisor Dr. Mick Cochrane announced that current junior Grace Brown would be joining Propis as co-editor-in-chief, overseeing a large community of editors putting forth their input and curating the content for next year’s edition.

“One of the best parts has been seeing my crew of editors feel that same sense of pride and excitement over something we created together,” said Propis. “I feel so privileged having the honor of being the leader of such a fantastic group of individuals.”

You can find free copies of Q70: Legacy outside of the journal’s clubroom on the second floor of the Student Center; they’ll soon be delivered to several locations across campus as well.

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