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Notes from the Underground 1/26/2023

The Underground would like to extend our warmest welcome back to all of our readers; non-readers, we hope your welcome is as cold as the library has been. 

It’s a new semester and a new year at Canisius, and of course, in true Buffalo fashion, we couldn’t start the year without a raging snowstorm right before classes start. We’re starting to think Mother Nature is just anti-education.

Over break, Jason Francey sent out a form to the student body letting them leave a name selection for the smoothie shop that’d be replacing Shoppe 120. Rejected names include The E-Sports Bar and Grille, Jason’s Juice Bar, and Shoppe 420. The new smoothie shop declined our offer of ad space in return for free smoothies, so we will not be releasing their name in the paper. 

A more important event over break was the long-awaited addition of the new furniture that, according to student life, has been stuck on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean for a year. The Underground is incredibly thankful for the upgrade, but will greatly miss the family of bed bugs living in the old couch they got rid of – we’ve really bonded over the years. 

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