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  • Lio Salazar

New Year, Last Air Sign

By: Lio Salazar, Contributor

Does 2024 sound like a real year? No, it does not. Does the new NFTA pass policy make sense? No, it does not. Does Aquarius being an air sign make sense? Kind of, actually. Even if 2024 doesn’t sound real, one of the realest signs of the zodiac is Aquarius. Aquarius is the zodiac wheel’s last air sign, typically mid-January to mid-February. If this is your first time finding out that Aquarius isn’t a water sign, you’re most likely not alone. If you still don’t know why it’s an air sign, you’re also not alone. 

Aquarius is represented by the water jug or the Water Bearer, and this is thought to come from how ancient Mesopotamian flood season coincided with this time of year. What goes into the makings of an Aquarius? Other than giving The Griffin one of its multimedia directors (Hey, Bex! What’s up?), Aquarians share many traits with their fellow air signs. Aquarius is also the fixed sign of the three, making it a bit more stubborn and fixated. The other fixed signs are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

In my Libra article from October, I mentioned how Geminis thrive with multiple small groups, Libras keep their socialization pretty broad and Aquarians tend to have some smaller friend groups than Gemini and Libra, but one trait they all share is the strength of their friendship bonds. I also mentioned how an Aquarius can be stereotyped as detached from their emotions, whereas water signs are more emotional, and that the Aquarius is the Water Bearer but never gets their hands wet with emotions. This air-water duality is incredibly unique to Aquarius, as Gemini and Libra are only associated with air. 

Stereotyping an Aquarius as emotionally distant is only said because of the Aquarius’s ability to look at situations objectively and from an outside perspective, putting their emotions aside for the greater good and for the success of the group as a whole.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet for innovation and surprising events, which reflects Aquarius’s distinctive and nontraditional vision of life. They’re cognizant of their big ideas and plans for the future but also good at acknowledging what’s immediately around them. Fun little curveball: Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, the planet for structural changes, allowing Aquarius the fine ability to work hand in hand with others.

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