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Meet Tim Sanders: The Undergraduate Student Association’s Incoming President

By: Courtney Lyons, Contributor 

Last week, the Canisius University student body elected a new Undergraduate Student Association (USA) executive board, which will be led by its new president-elect, Tim Sanders. No stranger to USA, Sanders — only in his sophomore year — has learned the senate’s ropes. He is currently the vice president of marketing and public relations and chairs the Sunshine Committee. Sanders was also formerly a senator and information technology services and facilities liaison. Sanders spoke fondly of his fellow future executing board members — Analee DeGlopper, Gabby Kaderli and Aaron Hall — and their previously established rapport, stating, “I know my whole team pretty well, so I’m excited to work with them and see how we’re all gonna intertwine.” 

A North Buffalo native, the perpetually enthusiastic Sanders hopes that the Canisius community will be confident in his USA leadership capabilities, as his involvement on campus has made him an apt representative for student interests. He succinctly described the plan for his upcoming term, which is “enhancing student life.” Acknowledging that phrase as vague and macroscopic, Sanders explained, “Student engagement has dropped significantly when it comes to club events,” adding that “club events have been becoming very lackluster.” 

To combat this issue, Sanders champions inter-club cooperation, where organizations can “not only help each other out … but create opportunities for new collaborations going forward.” Tim hopes to implement a day-long “club summit” for club leaders, led by USA, which will facilitate the inter-club mingling while also informing students about the “standard operating procedures” of USA, such as the Finance Board appeal process. 

Outside of USA, one could find Tim fulfilling resident assistant duties in “Hotel Dugan,” watching basketball, studying strategic communication, working on his photography or eating spaghetti. Sanders says he wants to “bring back the life to Canisius” and “make Canisius the home you want it to be.” Sanders’s infectious smile and enthusiasm, coupled with his welcoming presence, mark the first step on the proverbial “journey of a thousand miles.”

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