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Meet the Editors: Sophie Asher

By Mia Draksic, Features Contributor

Each year, The Griffin adds new members to their team of editors, individually tasked with unique roles and responsibilities. Sophie Asher, the newest multimedia editor of the paper, is in charge of running The Griffin's social media accounts. In her first year, Sophie is currently majoring in integrated marketing communications and digital media arts. She chose to attend Canisius after her mom — an alumna — convinced her to take a tour here.

This isn’t the first time Sophie’s mom has made an impression on her: she’s also responsible for her early love for Celine Dion. Sophie shared that her love was enough that she begged for Dion’s photo on her fourth birthday cake and claimed it was her mom’s fault that she became obsessed.

Ultimately, once the campus tour concluded, she found that it was one of the only schools that tailored to her needs, specifically with its integrated marketing communications major. Asher is very interested in social media marketing, SEO search engine optimization marketing and digital marketing with hopes to continue that during her time at Canisius.

At The Griffin, Sophie is responsible for creating posts and writing captions to ensure followers stay up to date. It is a bit different from what the rest of the staff does, she explained, as she doesn’t actually work directly on the paper. Rather, Asher assists in helping it gain traction and engagement. Sophie first joined The Griffin in September 2022 when she saw an advertisement in her Canisius inbox and decided to take a chance on it. She attended the first general body meeting and felt an instant connection to the multimedia director role from the moment it was mentioned. She explained that it’s a chance for her to have an outlet to be creative throughout her busy semesters.

Asher started by working alongside then–Multimedia Director Ava Green as her assistant multimedia director, but she soon took over the role. “My work in multimedia journalism was not something I had anticipated from the beginning, but I am very glad I landed here,” Sophie explained.

This year’s ACP Media Conference took place in San Francisco from March 9 to 11: Sophie, among the other editors, attended and collected several pieces of advice and feedback for the paper. “The trip to the ACP Conference in San Francisco is probably the most fun I’ve had since coming to college,” Sophie says. “Accidentally eating a $40 breakfast, touring the city and the funny game nights are moments I will never forget.”

Her main take away from the conference was the paper’s need for a TikTok account. The Griffin will be joining the platform under the username @thegriffinnewspaper. Although, if TikTok doesn’t interest you, The Griffin can be found on Twitter (@CanisiusGriffin) and Instagram (@thecanisiusgriffin), as well.

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