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Meet the Editors: Maddy Lockwood

By Julia Barth, Editor-in-Cheif

Assistant Features Editor Maddy Lockwood came to Canisius in the fall of 2021 ready to make the most out of her college experience. Coming from Evans just 40 minutes south of Buffalo, Lockwood immediately joined clubs and organizations that piqued her interest.

One of those clubs ended up being The Griffin. She had been part of her high school’s newspaper and had always loved writing, so she thought the school paper would be a perfect fit. She even became a journalism major!

But now, one year later as a childhood education and TESOL major, Maddy says she’s still so thankful that she joined The Griffin. It’s not so much about the technical aspects of it for Lockwood. She enjoys the camaraderie of it all — weekly meetings on Thursday nights have been her favorite.

Lockwood wrote a handful of articles her freshman year, but the one she was the most proud of was her piece about Josh Allen canceling on Canisius. Being a huge Bills fan (did you know she’s a season ticket holder?), she was devastated when Allen canceled on the school, citing a family emergency. But Lockwood did what any good writer does, and channeled that frustration into an incredible article about the situation.

“At the time I was really upset that he canceled. I remember I was furiously writing the article. It’s still my favorite, even though I was upset about it,” she said.

This year, Lockwood’s goal for The Griffin is to write an article every week. It is something she’s passionate about and something that she can look forward to doing each week to distract herself from the craziness of classes and clubs. One article she has coming up that she’s really excited about is covering the popular app, BeReal. She might even poll students at Canisius regarding the app, so look out for her around campus.

As for what she does in her free time, walking is big for Lockwood. “Kyra and I have been going to Delaware Park to walk with our iced coffees. So yeah, I’ve been really into walking right now,” she said, referring to Kyra Laurie — The Griffin’s photography director.

Lockwood also loves iced coffee (look out for an article about that this week), using her Google Calendar (she schedules her naps) and 8 a.m. classes (she likes to be done early!). And she can be found at many other events around campus. Being the secretary of C-Block means you’ll see her at many athletic events, and she’s also on the e-board of Phi Sig, Canisius’s sorority.

Lockwood brings a great energy to The Griffin, and the entire staff is overjoyed to have her onboard. Look out for her articles in Features every Friday!

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