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Meet the Editors: Ava Green

By Julia Barth, Features Editor

Coming from the small town of Herkimer, NY is The Griffin’s newest editor, Ava Green. Green, a freshman at Canisius, has written for the paper since the fall semester, and he has flawlessly stepped into her new role as the assistant features editor.

Buffalo was appealing to her because she wanted to be in a city, Green says. She was initially looking at schools in Boston but settled on Buffalo since it’s a bit smaller. Green came to Canisius as a marketing major, specializing in fashion merchandising. However, she has come to realize that marketing may not be her thing. After having talks with her mentor and professors here, she came to understand that what she really loved about marketing were aspects like public relations and social media; since then, she has switched to journalism and she hopes to incorporate her love for fashion into her writing.

After learning about The Griffin, she reached out to me to write. Since then, Green has consistently written for Features every week, and her articles never disappoint. She has written about everything from fashion to celebrity news and personal reflections (which happen to be my favorite). Green has thoroughly enjoyed her time at The Griffin, saying, “I love it. I love doing Features, because I can really do whatever I want to write about.”

One of her many interests — of course — is writing. She classifies herself as a shy person, but also as someone who likes to talk a lot. Through her writing, she feels that she can properly express what she wants to say. “That’s why I like writing so much: you get to talk, but you get to organize it better. I have a million thoughts and it’s hard to get them out, so writing is just more organized,” Green said.

She says she’s extremely proud of all of the articles she’s written, but some of her favorites include her reflection at the end of her first semester at Canisius, as well as her analysis of the Taylor Swift–Jake Gyllenhaal drama that resurfaced back in November.

Some of her other passions include art and music. She talked about being really into art, despite not being an artist herself. She loves art museums and actually got to visit The Met in New York City for her birthday. As a former theater kid, she also loves music, citing Harry Styles as one of her favorite artists. Green actually went to Harry Styles’ show in Pittsburgh last October, and she matter of factly stated that it was, “Literally the best day of my life.”

Green has thought about her future career with her main goal being to have a job that she loves. And right now she loves writing, which is what she could see herself doing. “The type of journalism I want to do is, like, Carrie Bradshaw journalism. I want to write columns about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle — that kind of stuff,” she said.

But Green knows that her career isn’t something she needs to have figured out quite yet. She is just happy knowing she has found something that she loves — writing. Whether it is for The Griffin or for some other publication in the future, she said, “I just know that I want to write. … I love the lifestyle kind of stuff. I just have a lot of thoughts, and it’s nice to get them out and it’s nice that people want to listen.”

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