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Meet The Editors: Assistant Sports Editor Connor Pohlman

By Jay Ashdown, Sports Editor

While he is only a sophomore here at Canisius College, it hasn’t taken Connor Pohlman a long time to make an impact on The Griffin newspaper. Pohlman is from West Seneca and came to Canisius with the goal of majoring in journalism, and he has done so with a strong concentration on sports specifically.

Pohlman is an avid sports fan, and he enjoys watching all four major sports in the United States, specifically football and his Buffalo Bills. He grew up playing sports and was able to dive into it as a multisport athlete.

“All through growing up I played soccer and hockey,” Pohlman said. “I played football and baseball. I played just about every sport except for basketball, and even then I’d play that all the time with my friends.”

The process of picking a college can be stressful for a lot of people, but if you know Connor Pohlman, it’s easy to understand with his typically cool demeanor why the process was so simple for him.

“They had journalism as one of their majors and obviously I was very interested in that,” Pohlman explained. “It was close to home; I’m only about twenty minutes away from home. I like the idea of being at a smaller school, I feel like I’m doing more here.”

The list of schools wasn’t long, but there he holds no regrets on coming to Canisius. He also had interest in St. John Fisher, but after visiting the school, he made up his mind that Canisius was his place.

As someone who enjoys all sports, the opportunity to write for The Griffin in the Sports section was a slam dunk. Over the last two years he has had the opportunity to cover the women’s soccer team and the men’s lacrosse team, as well as the swim and dive team. He’s had some good experiences with this, but perhaps no experience has been more fun for him than covering basketball.

“My favorite sport to cover is basketball, for sure,” Pohlman said. “It’s one of my favorite sports and I’m definitely excited to go to New Jersey and cover the MAAC tournament when it happens.”

Picking a major can be complicated for some people when they first come to college, but Pohlman has known for years that sports journalism was his calling. With his love of sports and his love of writing, it is a match made in heaven.

“It started back in early high school,” Pohlman said of the process of figuring out what he wanted to do. “I always liked writing, and the thought of writing about sports was intriguing to me. It’s something I wanted to do. My idol is Rich Eisen, so I want to be like him. Rich is smart, funny and he doesn’t really try to grab headlines like some other guys do. He’s not caught up in the entertainment side of things, he just covers the good side of sports.”

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