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  • Briana Wasil


By: Briana Wasil

When moonlight hits the dark, a single glow appears

When a pebble hits the river, a small vibration premieres

The smallest change in a moment, is the biggest lesson to be learned

Of watching and waiting for something magical to return.

A seed that started off as small, grew into a tree,

Even as winter came knocking, just to let it freeze

Crystal constellations formed when they hung,

Like diamond arrows, softly echoing the sun.

Soon that diamond turned to water,

The beginning of a spring

Where life seemed to restart, just about everything

Animals resurfaced from the deep undergrounds

Surveying the new reincarnations all around.

Like a bird just introduced to air for the first time,

Remembering its very own intrinsic design.

A reflexive habit that spreads all around

Sums up the world before


chants abound.

Some would call it

“Wandering lonely as a cloud”

That really means the gift of solitude forever endowed.

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