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Hot Girl Walks? Aren’t you just going on a regular walk?

By Maddy Lockwood, Assistant Features Editor

Last spring, I discovered a revolutionary new hobby that took the world by storm – at least the world of people on my TikTok feed: the Hot Girl Walk (HGW). Frankly and unironically, hot girl walks are the best things that have ever happened to both my social calendar and my mental health, with even more fun additives that I couldn’t even fathom when I first joined the cult of Hot Girl Walkers.

What are the makings of a hot girl walk? Firstly and most importantly, you have to walk, and secondly, you have to be hot! (I am in fact stealing this line from a dear friend of mine.) Good thing everyone is hot! After that it is up to you, but as an experienced hot girl walker (HGWer) I have a couple of suggestions that will transform your weekly hobby to a pure, unrelenting addiction.

First up, find a pair of supportive walking shoes. This isn’t the time to break in a new pair of shoes or grab a pair of Vans or Converse that provide no support. You can be hot while wearing a proper pair of sneakers because honestly, maintaining proper foot health and looking out for your future self is also hot. Then, put on your best matching set or favorite workout outfit. While we are absolutely here for the mental and physical health benefits, you cannot reap the full rewards of a HGW without feeling your absolute hottest. Finally, grab a beverage. It could be a Starbucks drink that you bought specifically for that walk, a homemade iced coffee (my personal favorite), or a simple bottle of water. It makes the entire experience. It is no longer exercise; it is pure enjoyment.

The goal is to have fun and do something good for yourself, but I would be doing HGWers a disservice if I did not mention the positive impact they have had on my mental health alone. Taking the time to do something purely for myself has helped me prioritize myself during times when I struggled to do so and has given me a lot of time to reflect on things currently bothering me about my life. I have found that going on hot girl walks with friends has a similar impact – only rather than self-reflection, it is a conversation with someone who can give you some (honest) feedback about your situation, if that is something that you are interested in.

Now is the time to determine if you are going to be walking by yourself or with a friend. As a young girl who grew up in the suburbs, I always walk with people if I am going to Delaware Park or somewhere off campus, but I totally understand the need to take a break from other people. In that case, it is important to take as many precautions as possible: sharing your location with a friend, letting them know what time you're leaving and when you're planning to be back, as well as only putting in one AirPod or keeping the volume of whatever you are listening to at a low volume. While the idea of being alone and having a moment of rest seems like it may be worth the risk (I, too, have thought this), I promise that it simply isn’t worth it. Share your location and be safe – your life is worth too much. Again, staying safe is hot.

The best part about hot girl walks is that no one can tell you how or when to do them. It is something that you can do completely based on your own thoughts, and it will still be as fantastic as the one I have experienced even if you take it in a completely different direction. Even if you don’t buy into the idea of a HGW, at least buy into the fact that you are important and that making time for yourself to do something purely for you is important. Do right by yourself.

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