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Griff-fashion: Lio Salazar

By Kyra Laurie, Photo Director

Lio Salazar is arguably one of the most fashionable individuals at Canisius College. They wear a variety of colors, patterns and styles that makes a statement and radiates confidence.

As the Event Coordinator of Canisius’ Unity Club, Salazar likes to use clothes and accessories to express their gender fluidity and embrace the spectrum that is their gender. They describe their first outfit as a business professional who owns 51 percent of the company while the second one represents a gingerbread person who works in a library part time.

When choosing pieces for their wardrobe, Salazar loves to shop at H&M, but says that Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and Good Will never disappoint. Most recently, they visited Plato’s Closet and even uncovered their findings in this photoshoot. One of Salazar’s favorite accessories in their closet is a dainty choker with a little giraffe head on it from the Virginia Zoo.

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