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By Briana Wasil, Contributor

For everyone that’s fallen, there’s been a rising.

Where the fledgling eventually becomes the master of skies,

For the ones who learn to survive by first experiencing dying,

Mistakes that are made and witnessed by a thousand eyes,

The lesson of lessening the idea of self-perfecting.

An undeniable hunger to strive to be the best

Like an apex predator looking for its next conquest

Contrast to organisms starting on the novice part,

Then realizing they are the ones who hold the ecosystem’s heart.

All should not confuse its goal for a determinant of an assigned price,

But instead understand the necessary sacrifice

That comes with being included within a team structure,

The loss of one organism is the loss of all others.

A dependability that therefore requires inclusion

In order for all functions to produce the best conclusions.

The hard core truths that we face on a daily basis:

When confronted with accidents that interrupt our satisfactions,

Unified, we might not display much vexation,

But individually we are catapulted into a constant cycle of rumination.

With each play there will come a different actor,

A supporter of the show whose firm in what they act towards.

Or the one who takes a bow lengths before the curtain call,

Letting a little slip, become their immediate downfall.

Only one decision can be made at the end.

The strength in choosing which role you let transcend

Will serve to set the precedent for future contestants.

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