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  • Ava C. Green

Five Tips for a Trip to San Fran

A guide shaped by The Griffin’s very own ACP Spring College Media Conference attendees.

By Ava C. Green, Features Editor

1. Be selective about your footwear.

There’s some pretty tough terrain to trek in San Francisco, so make sure your shoes are comfortable and will survive the rain, wind and the steep inclines of the city. While us editors are graceful with our words, we can’t say the same for our general balance and ability to stay upright. A few of us prioritized fashion over functionality and took a few spills as a result. Bumps and bruises are a great — and cheaper — alternative to bringing back souvenirs, though.

2. Know which way you’re going.

The mean streets of Fog City take no prisoners, especially when you’re a cocky college student with a false confidence in your sense of direction. “I never did actually figure out which [stops] were right and which were not,” said Managing Editor Patrick Healy, who guided us through the city. He found that cross referencing Google Maps, Apple Maps and signs for the bus “usually” worked. Walking aimlessly around a new (and very hilly) city turned out to be just as sweat-inducing and sketchy as you'd think, but what you might not expect is that it turned out to be a great time.

3. Eat local.

San Francisco is known for its amazing array of cuisine, all of which were enjoyed by our staff this past weekend. The Griffin’s Editor-in-Chief and resident foodie Julia Barth said, “I knew going into the trip that I wanted to get food in Chinatown and some sort of Mexican food.” She was pleased to try both and said the dumplings and nachos she had were “perfect.” On the trip, she condemned others’ decision to eat at a chain while in such a deliciously diverse city. While you’re stuffing your face with the scrumptious San Fran sustenance, let me offer you a bonus tip: bring Lactaid or Tums. You’ll thank me later.

4. The people are great — make new friends!

The west coast has a way of culminating the crazy — no wonder we fit in so well there! As excited as the staff was to make friends with hundreds of similarly aged, similarly majored people, we also ended up making friends with eccentric locals on the street. From old ladies we affectionately nicknamed “Vera” who we ranted about the bus with to the bus driver with a connection to the Buffalo area and a suspicious bourbon-scented air about him, we made friends to last a lifetime.

5. Go with the right people.

Your travel group can make or break your trip. These people will make the clouds part and the rain subside. They’ll bring you bandaids when you trip and fall; they’ll make the wrong turns right. The sights and experiences of San Fran are exciting on their own, but sharing those moments with your staff and best friends makes it that much better. The Griffin’s advisor and “mom of the trip” Dan Higgins put it best when he wrote to our group chat, “Seeing another part of your country all while doing something you’re passionate about sounds like a good way to spend some time.”

Thank you to the ACP, SELD Office and USA for this unforgettable opportunity: we hope to attend again soon.

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