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Fall Break in Ogunquit, Maine

By Natalie Faas, News Editor

Fall Break always seems to come at the best time: right when students are feeling the weight of their schoolwork and need some time to rest. While many students went home for fall break, I took a little road trip up the coast to Ogunquit, ME — a quaint town on the southeastern border of Maine. Despite the chilly weather, Ogunquit was a flutter with activity, seeing as it was Indigenous People’s Day weekend, and it was the last real “vacation time” before the winter. There were wedding attendees, honeymooners, retirees and even a couple bachelorette parties. We stayed in my boyfriend’s family’s condo; however there were plenty of small bed-and-breakfasts as well as inns that span the price scale. It truly is a place where anyone can go and find something to do. There are so many cute little shops that housed all sorts of things, including memorabilia or even expensive pieces of art. With strict COVID-19 guidelines, many people were wearing masks and some shops did require them. Most things were outside and there was plenty of space to spread out, so it felt very COVID safe. Ogunquit was so much fun and a good break from reality; I totally recommend checking it out sometime!

Right on the coast, the ocean isn’t a far walk from town. There were plenty of beaches to explore and the water was so beautiful to look at. It was a bit cold seeing as it is October, but there were still a couple daredevil children splashing around in the waves. I keep making the joke that I could sit and watch the waves for hours. The push and pull was very therapeutic and the sound was very serene. A perfect break from the pressing deadlines and the constant working. I mean, seriously, what could beat that view!?

Since we had three days in Maine, we decided to spend a day in Portland, which was only about an hour’s drive away. While it was a nice trip, I don’t think I would recommend going to Portland, nor do I think I would make the trip again. It was a bit lackluster in my opinion and there really wasn’t much to do except walk around. However, if you do find yourself in Portland, you have to visit the Victoria Mansion! For college students, tickets are only $7 and it is totally worth it. This old mansion has a rich history and the inside is stunning! If you like old houses or history in general, this is a must.

My mom told me that I couldn’t leave Maine without trying some lobster. There was just one problem… I hate seafood. However, I was up for trying it. So, on our second night we went out for Mexican food at Bandito's. It is an authentic Mexican restaurant that is run right out of a house. We sat out on the patio and even met a couple of Bills fans. Here we got the nachos, which are to die for. Then I got the lobster tacos, and I must say that they were excellent!

On the last day of our trip we decided to walk the Marginal Way. It is about a mile long walk along the coast that connects Ogunquit and Perkins Cove. This walk was so lovely. The weather was perfect and the views were picturesque. There are a ton of benches to sit on if you just want to enjoy the views and there are also staircases to get up close to the water. When we arrived at Perkins Cove, we had lunch at a diner right next to the water and then shopped around. Perkins Cove had so many cute shops including a candy store and a store completely devoted to whale memorabilia. It was incredible. Before we got back on the Marginal Way, we stopped at a cafe to pick me up an iced coffee ... shocking, I know. It was a latte with maple syrup right in it. It was such a relaxing experience and I can’t wait to do it again — hopefully this summer!

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