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  • Kyra Laurie

Escape from daily life and Getaway

By: Kyra Laurie, Photography Director

When was the last time you were able to truly decompress and separate yourself from all daily stressors? If you really have to sit and think about it, it has been far too long. I have the perfect solution for you — a Getaway House! With locations across the country, Getaway House makes booking your escape trip easy and accessible.

Last weekend, I traveled to the “Pittsburgh + Cleveland” location of Getaway House in Lisbon, Ohio. This location consists of 38 cabins. The best part about the tiny cabins is that each one has a name! Clyde, Hazel, Gerhard and Melvin are just a few of the cabins available, and the names add such a personalized touch to the experience. The cabins are placed close enough together so that you do not feel completely isolated, but they’re still far enough away from each other to enjoy peace and quiet. Getaway House ensures that you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Each cabin includes a queen-size bed, kitchenette, private bathroom and air conditioning or heat. By supplying these basic necessities, the Getaway team is helping you pack lighter and easier — which also alleviates the stress over what to bring with you. Outside of your cabin, there is a picnic table, chairs and a fire pit to have the true camping experience and spend some much needed time in nature.

With all the commodities taken care of, it’s your job to relax and escape from the chaos of everyday life. What does that mean, and how do you do that? I am so glad you asked! Escape can look and feel different for everyone. For me, that was spending way less time on my phone and living in the moment. Getaway House provides a cell phone lockbox in each cabin to keep your phone out of sight and out of mind to achieve this. To be fair, the reception isn’t great, and with the beautiful, fall foliage right outside your window, you don’t need to be on your phone. By not wasting hours scrolling through social media, you have plenty of time to focus on things you might not be able to do otherwise.

Personally, I am a big fan of a good hot girl walk, so I made sure to take a walk around the loop where all the cabins were and ventured on a walking trail that began just a few feet away from my cabin. Additionally, each cabin comes with a variety of books to read. Most of the books are centered around nature and self-reflection (since, you know, that is kind of what you’re there for), but you will also find a card book that explains how to play over 300 card games and comes with a deck of cards. One of my favorite things to do is play board games, so I brought a few different games along and spent most of my time unwinding with those. In case you’re wondering, yes, I am an absolute girlboss at Monopoly.

After reading this review, there is no way you can continue on with your day without even browsing the website for Getaway House. It is super easy to book, and you can even get a student discount of 15 percent off your first booking (a major slay in my opinion). Remember that it is never selfish to set aside time to recharge and decompress: you are important, and you deserve to spend some time at a beautiful cabin with your favorite people and doing your favorite things.

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