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Editor’s Picks: What is the most underrated on campus event of the spring semester?

By: The Griffin, Staff

Maddy: I guess that this isn’t an on-campus event, but it’s hosted by a campus club, so I am going with it…the MAAC trip. I have gone to Atlantic City the last two years and one of those times I was only there for a combined 33 hours, but it is so much fun to scream as loud as possible in the name of the Griffs. And I like getting a new sweatshirt everytime. 

Ava: This is probably the dorkiest possible answer, but I LOVE an Accepted Students Day. Maybe it's hearing the students and staff running it screaming “Go Griffs”-esque exclamations all day, but my school spirit goes through the roof. It always makes me think back to when I was in their shoes and I can’t help but get kind of nostalgic. Also, they gave out fidget spinners this year and you better believe I stuffed my pockets with about five of them. 

Hannah: I know this is also a fall semester event but I'm a big fan of Thursday in the quad! Obviously free food is a win but also just the fact that the weather is nice after a long winter and we can all be out there with our friends is a great way to end the spring semester!! 

Liz: I feel like, mostly because it is this weekend, the Drag Shows. Last year with it being the first one; it felt even more magical and special to go to. There should be a little more hype to match the energy of these cool as clown honk performers. Honestly, Freddie Hercury should be a staple of all the events. I mean they are two for two right now.

Sydney: I think my personal favorite is the Quadrangle Unveiling. It’s so fun to see everyone’s work published and read their pieces. After every unveiling, I read the Quadrangle back to back a few times just admiring it. The snacks also always go incredibly hard, I’m not gonna lie. 

Jon: MUD editing night at The Griffin. The vibes are always immaculate, and our office is always packed with people filled with good cheer. It is an awesome way to celebrate the end of the semester, especially considering that it always falls on the evening of the last day of classes in the semester. To shamelessly advertise, MUD editing night at The Griffin this year is on May 2, and everyone is welcome down to the Griffin office that evening, whether you write or not.

Colton: Griff Fest. 

I know it’s well known but Griff Fest is truly the best part of the school year every year. I don’t know that anything comes close and for that reason it’s the most underrated. 

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