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Editor’s Picks: How we spend our break

The editors at The Griffin are looking forward to winter break just as much as the rest of the Canisius population, and this week, they share some of the things they are most looking forward to doing with their time off.

Lauren: I recently went ice skating at Canalside and remembered how much I loved skating as a kid, so I will probably be spending some time at the rink back home over break. Also, a lot of my break will be spent preparing for going abroad to Barcelona next semester by packing, setting up ways to contact people back home and hanging out with friends and family before I leave. Another thing I plan to do is to catch up on games and anime that I haven’t had time for this semester as well as having a Harry Potter movie marathon with my sister who has never seen them before.

Natalie: This break I am really excited to hang out with my family! My mom and I love to watch Christmas movies and make Christmas cookies in the evenings. I am also really excited to just take a break and relax. This semester was very stressful for most of us, and I think it will be nice to just watch TV, sleep in and stay up late. I didn’t realize how much this break was needed, but I am so excited to kick back and relax!

Adam: The biggest thing I’m looking forward to following the semester is, quite honestly, resting and winding down after a tiresome four months. Watching Christmas movies, exchanging gifts and watching the Bills continue to let myself and the rest of Buffalo down are all things I’ll be doing. As a sports fan, there’s a plethora of big games both professionally and in college that I’ll be tuning in to as well!

Kyra: Throughout winter break, my plan is to do everything I could not do while classes were in session. I feel that this semester was extremely draining and it is time for a much needed break. I plan to work as much as possible, go kickboxing, and spend time with my family! Also, I will be putting my first art portfolio together for future jobs and internships.

Emma: There’s only so much I can physically fit into this break, but I plan to make the most of it. I’m about to close out my third bullet journal and enter my fourth year of journaling, so it’s the perfect time for me to move into a new journal (this one has gilded edges and I am obsessed). I am also excited to explore the new Minecraft update — does that sound lame? At this point, I don’t even care — because I haven’t played in years. Additionally, all semester I have been collecting inexpensive books from websites like ThriftBooks and I plan on attacking my 20-book-long “to be read” list, which includes classics like “To The Lighthouse” and “Bird By Bird,” as well as cultural faves like “The Song of Achilles” and “A Little Life” (no, I am not well at present). It sounds like a packed break, but really I am looking forward to getting back to the things I love. To be honest, the Wegmans cheese department will eat up most of my break, so R.I.P. to me — happy holidays regardless!

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