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Editor’s Picks: Guilty Pleasure Music

Ava: “Show tunes.” It’s time I come clean: I was a theater kid in high school. Scream-singing an emotional ballad with your best friends on the way home from a rehearsal where your director just verbally berated you for three hours is truly cathartic. I’m just a sucker for a swelling orchestra and lyrics that make you feel like your heart is being ripped out before your very eyes.

Sara: “Movie soundtracks.” One of my favorite things about movies are the scores that go along with the scenes. It’s one of the reasons why my favorite movies are my favorites, and the score can make or break an entire film for me. Soundtracks also make for good studying music, as a lot of them are instrumental and can be more upbeat than lofi or classical music. To show how much I listen to this kind of music, in 2019 and 2020 my top artist was John Powell, the composer for the “How to Train Your Dragon” soundtracks — I’m pretty sure I had a couple hundred hours recorded.

Julia: “Movie Soundtracks (part two).” I was prepared to write this extremely long declaration about my guilty pleasure being music soundtracks, just to see that Layout Director Sara Umbrell already summed it up perfectly for me. I actually had a few movie composers and many songs from my favorite films in my Spotify Wrapped. My favorite soundtracks are “The Hunger Games,” “Pride and Prejudice (2005)” and “Interstellar.” If you haven’t gotten into listening to movie soundtracks, especially just instrumental ones, you’re missing out.

Liz: “Instrumental music and hours of the same song.” My top 100 for Apple Music is mostly instrumental with a dash of “Goldwing” by Billie Eillish and “Toyland” by Perry Como. I am proud of my top 100, but the “guilty” part comes from how many plays a song has. My number one song usually averages 2200 plays. I think part of the high number is listening to music when I sleep — but not entirely. I will listen to a song for six hours on repeat, no sweat.

Marissa: “Old Barbie music, 100%.” I am openly a fan of teen angst music, theater songs and anything from Disney movies, but my true guilty pleasure consists of the songs from the classic Barbie movies. I’m talking “Princess and The Pauper,” “Twelve Dancing Princesses,” “Island Princess” and the others produced in that era. I used to have a CD with all of the songs on it which I listened to so much I actually broke it.

Natalie: “Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo.” This song is my go-to song for literally anything. It is so dynamic and you can listen to it for hours on end without it ever feeling like it’s the same song. I absolutely love it, so much so that it was my top song on my Spotify Wrapped last year and this year. Last year I listened to it 254 times and this year 157.

Grace: During my quarter-life crisis, I discovered ‘90s hip-hop, and have never let go. Artists include Beastie Boys (who were my #2 artist this year after The Beatles, oddly enough), The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac. I know it sounds corny and a little goofy, but this sort of bass-bumping music makes me feel in touch with a part of me that was quiet for far too long when I was younger. Now, it makes me dance unapologetically.

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