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What is the oddest item on your bucket list?

Maddy: I don’t have a bucket list. I am simply not going to die. That’s terrifying.

Ava: My oddest bucket list item is to object at a wedding. I’d be dressed to the nines (of course), it’d be incredibly dramatic and unjustified, and I’d wait to do it at Harry Styles’s future wedding so he and I could go run away together after.

Liz: I need a video of President Stoute saying “nevertheless, we ball.” [Or at least own my own home or something.]

Mikayla: I want to see a penguin in its natural habitat, but I especially want to see them bringing each other pebbles. I think I would melt into the icy ground I am hypothetically standing on.

Kyra: I would like to visit the original Starbucks Cafe in Seattle, Washington. I know it will be similar to every other Starbucks in regards to products offered, but the history behind it makes the experience all the more special.

Connor: I want to rule the world. Take that as you will.

Sydney: Shave my head. Nothing more, I just really want to do that.

Jon: Go to the national convention of a major American political party. The coolest part is that I am attending BOTH major party’s conventions this summer through my JRN 380 class! I am staring the completion of perhaps my most extreme and untenable (yet somewhat attainable) bucket list item right in the eye. Pretty cool.

Emma: I have always been fascinated by the idea of standing in three places at once, like by standing on a border that allows me to be in three states at once. According to, there’s a location in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park called Tri-State Peak, and if you stand on it, you are simultaneously in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. I think that’s awesome.

Colton: Learn how to play guitar. Not odd by any means, just one I’ll never really have the focus to do, honestly.

Lucas: I have no clue. I’m content with what happens, but there are not things that I have to do. There’s things I’d like to do, like swim in the Arctic Ocean.

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