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What artist did you discover before they got big?

Maddy: I am going with Noah Kahan. I got to him on the cusp of his explosion, so I only have a small claim to him. I am also staking my claim on Kenzie Cait: she is from Buffalo and in fact just released her newest EP “buffalo.” She is fantastic — check her out.

Ava: I have to admit that even before the memes, my family and I have been absolutely BUMPIN’ to Weezer. “Pork and Beans” was basically the song of my childhood. The band has been on my mind a lot lately, as just last week our dear assistant sports editor, Colin Richey, told me he’s kind of related to their lead singer, Rivers Cuomo.

Emma: I have had a steady love of Noah Kahan since the days of “Young Blood” (2017) and the “Hurt Somebody” EP (2018). Also, I want everyone to know that although I do not gatekeep this artist, and that I in fact am glad he is getting so much attention these days, I have loved Sleeping at Last — the singer of “Turning Page,” which went super viral during COVID — for YEARS! The “Atlas: Oceans” series and the “Enneagram” album singlehandedly got me through high school, and I’m in my senior year of college now.

Colton: Moneybagg Yo going all the way back to “Section” and “Doin 2 Much” on his album “2 Federal.” His albums are great, but Moneybagg has never had a bad feature before… Any song he gets a piece of that's not his, he somehow makes that much better.

Gabby: If I’m being completely honest I am kinda an artist hopper. I don’t really align myself with any particular artist or band. But with that being said, I’ve had Plums in my liked songs since 2015. Specifically, their song “Parking Lots” has great car vibes. But that’s their most popular song (according to Spotify). If I have to pick another great vibey car song thats more undiscovered…I’d say “Panorama.”

Lucas: Thundercat. They’re super solid and just the greatest vibes and music that I’ve loved. The bass line that starts the song “Them Changes” became very popular, but each album and each collaboration he’s done has been banger after banger.

Connor: This one stumped me, and I would say Noah Kahan, but that has already been mentioned twice prior. Thankfully, I remembered that I knew who Pop Smoke was and I was a fan of his before he even released his first mixtape. Around the time of my senior year in high school (2019),19), I started to see this artist with such a unique voice on TikTok, who turned out to be Pop Smoke. Rest in peace to The Woo, truly gone too soon.

Chloe: Mt. Joy has lived in my playlist since 2016. I vividly remember walking home from school with “Silver Lining” blasting throughout my wired headphones in middle school. I've seen them play six times in two countries, so you can say I'm a pretty big fan. (If you ever see me at their concerts you’ll understand!)

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