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Dear Debby and Daisy,

“How do I get through the mid-semester slumps?”

We are no stranger to the mid-semester slumps, and we know it is important in times of chaos or grating monotony to remember that a healthy dose of delusion is good for the soul. We are but little succulents in a crusty college dorm room. You probably just need some sunlight and water. So go out and take a little walk, blast your favorite songs and pretend that you are the wavy-haired, aloof, brunette main character that falls in love with Zayn in every One Direction Wattpad story. And while you're on said walk, grab a bottle of water instead of your iced mocha triple-triple with caramel swirl, light ice and whipped cream from Tim’s. Honestly, any negativity that we’ve ever felt can go six degrees back to us being mildly dehydrated.

Or have you considered wheeling your way through said slumps? Imagine going through the slumps on an office chair like that Angry Birds spin-off game “Bad Piggies” where you build a vehicle for the pigs to beat the level. Riding through the slumps ensures you get through them quickly and efficiently — and you’d probably be able to use the carpool lane. You can overcome anything if you charge at it with enough speed and strength. The mid-semester slumps are best handled in company. Try reaching out to friends and family or visiting resources on campus like the Counseling Center or the Griff Center for Student Success.

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