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Dear Debby and Daisy,

"What should I do if I’m single on Valentine’s Day?”

As a perpetually single person, I feel more than equipped to suggest options other than wallowing in self-pity on Valentine’s Day. So here are some fun ways that I avoid the existential loneliness that this day may stir up.

The best thing to take your mind off of all the happy couples around you is by finding the most gruesome and gory horror movie you can find. It’s cathartic. But if you're looking for a slightly more romantic film to let out a good cry to, might I suggest some of my personal favorites, “Little Women” or the “Sex in the City” movie?

You could also opt to fully indulge in the perks of the holiday. This is more of a plan for after the holiday has passed, but buying all that February 15th clearance candy is always a win. It’s a great way to flex on the people that had to buy full-price gifts for their significant others the day before. Plus, now you have candy.

Lying is always fun; you can take a note from Cher from “Clueless” and send yourself some flowers. You probably deserve them, and you deserve to have people think some hot, secret admirer sent you a luxurious gift.

Whether or not you use these tips is none of my business, but I truly do hope you find a way to enjoy this cute holiday.

Yours, Debby and Daisy

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