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  • Genevieve Fontana

Creating a greener campus one tree at a time

By: Genevieve Fontana, Contributor

On November 4, a team of enthusiastic volunteers from the USA Sustainability Committee, Laudato Sí, Phi Sigma Sigma, Facilities and Elbers Landscaping came together to plant trees around campus. The goal was to plant trees in different locations around Buffalo and contribute to the Re-Tree Project, which aims to replace trees lost during the October Storm of 2006. This was a significant undertaking, as the Buffalo News reported that 57,000 trees were lost on public streets and in parks, with 11,100 trees lost in Buffalo alone. Our team planted 12 Honey Locust Trees around the campus. Honey Locust is a native tree in Western New York, and it aligns with our Native Plant Project, organized by Dr. Malini Suchak, professor of animal behavior, ecology and conservation.

Some of the locations where trees were planted include the lower KAC lot, along Main Street by the Village Townhouses, in front of the Student Center and in front of Bosch. Besides planting trees, the process also aimed to create awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. Elbers, our campus landscaping company, took the time to teach the students about the steps involved in tree planting and gave us helpful tips for the future. We look forward to future collaborations with them.

The task was empowering, and all of those involved were reminded of how we are leaving our mark on our campus for generations to come. After this successful tree planting, we plan to do another one next semester, planting over 20 trees and expanding our impact to the Hamlin Park neighborhood. This initiative is not only about planting trees but also creating a sense of community and awareness about the environment. Tree planting is just one of the many ways that we can contribute to the preservation of nature and our sustainability effort on campus.

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