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Conjuring a more sustainable Halloween experience

By Genevieve Fontana, Contributor

With the scent of pumpkin spice in the air, it’s that time of year where we have the chance to make Halloween spooky and eco-friendly. Discover how you can conjure up a more sustainable Halloween experience, where every “boo” is complemented by a “woo” for the planet.


When you are choosing pumpkins to carve, visit locally grown patches. And after the holidays, don’t send them to a landfill; compost them, or donate them to an animal sanctuary if they are not carved. Instead of throwing out your pumpkin guts, look up some recipes. Homemade pumpkin seeds are the best!

Sweater weather:

This season has easily the best fashion. If you want an item to complete your look, visit the thrift store or swap with a friend or your grandma to get the best looks. Think twice about throwing your old cozy clothes away, and instead mend and patch your fall favorites.

Pumpkin spiced:

For all of your yummy fall-flavored beverages, here is your friendly reminder to support your local shops and bring your reusable cups!

Spooky Decorations:

If you buy new decorations, consider looking for quality that will last for the holidays to come. Or, if you are interested in DIY decor, look into revamping secondhand items. Pieces from nature can also make great decor, such as pine cones, leaves, pumpkins and flowers.


Are you handing out candy this year? Search for candies and chocolates that are fair trade. It makes your treat even sweeter knowing that the farmers and laborers that worked on the production received fair wages and were treated ethically.

Halloween costumes:

Single-use clothing items can be scary for our environment. For Halloweekend, shop your closet first. Consult your wardrobe to find items that fit your inspiration photo. Evaluate options to rent your costume, or choose a timeless option that you could reuse year to year.

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