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Color Combos to Spice Up Your Life

By Ava C. Green, Features Editor

Many people have a hard time with color combinations; knowing what looks good together and how to create refreshing outfits with unique colors can be quite the challenge. Trying out new colors can be tricky even for me and it takes a lot of courage to step out of the realm of my go-to colors.

Fun fact: I LOVE pink and red together. My preference for this combo most likely sparks from a place of defiance, seeing that from a young age my godmother was keen on vocalizing her detest of pink and red together. As much as I love and adore her, she is undoubtedly wrong. There is nothing quite as interesting to the eye as a light bubble gum shade with some vibrant red accents. It borders the line of clashing and complimenting, cute and hideous. It’s perfect in its kind of retro chaos and reminds me of how much I love Valentine’s Day.

A less polarizing color combination for you to try out is light blue and brown. If you read my article, “Easy-to-follow trends for the fall,” (which you should, it’s pretty great) you would know that pastels for fall is the way to go for 2022. Pastels can be hard to pull off in any context, let alone during a season where sporting them is taboo. By bringing together the daintiness of baby blue with the neutrality of a brown tone, you get the best of both worlds, tiptoeing just outside of your comfort zone and into a more daring wardrobe.

A darker green with an off-white has always looked wonderfully striking to me. Cream is easily my favorite variation of white (because who doesn’t have a favorite shade of white?) and the yellow undertones of a cream color can compliment the blue undertones of a deep green. This combo also feels very festive to me which I love. It can look very fashion-forward and sophisticated when in reality, it’s nothing too crazy. These colors look especially great for fall and winter, but compliment basically every skin tone!

Blue and orange, while an unconventional pairing, works in many forms. A teal blue and a tangerine orange can be such an eye-catching pairing. The challenge here is not going to on-the-nose by wearing a blue sweater and neon orange pants because these two colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so the pairing can be kind of intense. But you can go for more muted shades of each color or incorporate them in less prominent parts of your outfit to just dip your toes into new color combinations.

As much as I love crazy colors, you can’t go wrong with the classics. I am a huge fan of a simple black and white outfit. The contrast is striking without looking crazy and reads very chic. Whether it's just a plain top with pants or a fun pattern you've been dying to try, wearing it in black and white can be a great way to try something new, but not that new. It's iconic, timeless and extremely adaptable to many styles. On top of this, using either or both colors as a base to make another one stand out is extremely easy and effective!

I know that I will always feel a tiny bit of fear when I step out of my room wearing an outfit that is out of the ordinary for me. However, the excitement that comes with potentially wearing an absolutely groundbreaking, world-shattering, super-fashionable “fit” always trumps that fear. Even if the colors you put together are questionable, carrying yourself with confidence will make everyone you pass think, “They look like they know what they’re doing,” and they’ll just assume you’re coming straight from the runways of Milan. And, like, aren’t you though?

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