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  • Liam Murphy

Chef Andrea Wins Chartwells Cook-Off

By: Liam Murphy, Contributor

On Oct. 25 at 4:30 p.m., Canisius hosted the Chartwells Cook-off. This special event showcased two of our very own Chartwell Cooks competing to create the tastiest dish for students to enjoy. The turnout was exceptionally high: the event took place in the dining hall, with at least 100 students enjoying the meals.

Sous Chef Tyree prepared tacos with fried cod and slaw, fried corn on the cob served with a side of chipotle ranch and tossed mac 'n' cheese. Chef Tyree's cod was perfectly fried to a light and airy crisp, and the acidic cabbage slaw provided a tangy and flavorful twist to the tacos. Chef Tyree's sides were also excellent. The fried corn on the cob was crispy and paired well with the chipotle ranch. The mac 'n' cheese was creamy and cleverly incorporated shells, created little pockets of cheese within, delivering a warm and comforting experience.

Overall, “comforting” is the perfect word to describe Chef Tyree's entire meal. His food was simple and delicious, providing a comforting and filling dining experience. The tacos in particular were outstanding and deserve special mention.

Chef Andrea prepared Jamaican jerk chicken, Jamaican fried rice with pineapple and cheesy tempura cauliflower. Chef Andrea's jerk chicken was also well cooked, with moist chicken and a nice crispy skin. The pineapple fried rice was satisfying and delicious, but the cheesy tempura cauliflower was what truly stole the show. It was perfectly fried, with a crispy and light tempura batter. The cauliflower was tender and flavorful, enhanced by a cheese sauce that wasn't overpowering. Chef Andrea's overall meal was strong, as she treated her ingredients with care, resulting in tender chicken and fantastic tempura cauliflower, as previously mentioned.

At the end of the day, it was a close competition, but Chef Andrea emerged as the winner of the Oct. 25 Chartwells Cook-off. Both dishes were excellent, and it was overall a fun event hosted by the Chartwells team. Though Chef Andrea won the student vote, the main objective of the event was not really the competition itself: the event aimed to engage and appreciate our fantastic team of chefs and line cooks who prepare food three meals a day, seven days a week. In that regard, the event was a resounding success.

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