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  • Briana Wasil


By: Briana Wasil

Change is the wind in the middle of fall and winter.

Some days, it’s the way it can give comfort to a falling leaf

And other days it's impossible to mistake the ferocious slaps,

That causes the world splinters of disbelief.

There are no signs to prepare,

There never are.

Just the knowledge

That things are never too far gone.

For even though it may feel like everything is cemented-

After so many months you’ve lost your chance-

I promise it’s not.

When years pass and you’ve lived more stories to write,

Change will still come

Whether you choose to surrender or fight.

If in the morning the sun can still rise,

And in the afternoon it can thunder and cry,

With night being filled of cold white crystallines,

Then I see no reason why change does not apply

To mortal forces such as you and I.

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