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‘Bridgerton’ takes the world by storm… again

By Natalie Faas, News Editor

Dearest readers, it has been a long anticipated wait, but “Bridgerton” season two has been released on Netflix. The “Shondaland” series, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, was a smash hit when season one was released in the winter of 2020. The show had the world obsessing over corsets, ballroom dancing and of course, the steamy romance.

This season was no exception. The entire eight-episode season dropped on March 25: many fans binged the season within a day, while others chose to space it out. If I have learned one thing from “Bridgerton,” it is that once you start watching, it is really hard to stop. I myself watched the show over two days; any spare minutes I could find were spent watching the beautiful balls and riveting drama unfold.

Now, before you keep reading I have to warn you: there will be spoilers beyond this point, so if you have not seen and/or finished season two, turn back now!

Alright, let’s begin. I really enjoyed this season. Overall, it was just as exciting, breathtaking and steamy than season one. I thought that this season was a lot more plot driven than the first, which seemed to focus a lot on the sexual relationships, specifically between Daphne and Simon. I also liked Anthony much better as the protagonist. Getting his backstory helped us to be a bit more empathetic towards him and his situation. At a very young age he watched his father die, taken down by a bee sting. He is then immediately thrust into life as the Viscount Bridgerton, in charge of his siblings and pregnant mother.

My favorite part of this season had to have been the wardrobes. The gorgeous regency dresses and matching tiaras were absolutely stunning. I also like how each family has a focused color palette. The Bridgertons are blues with some green and purple, Featheringtons in their usual citrus tones, and the Sharmas were often caught in pink (this author's favorite color). The intricate beading and needlework on each of the gowns just goes to show how luxurious it was to be a part of the ‘Ton, and how serious these families took the season.

The hair this season is much better than last! They have redeemed themselves. None of the women have weird little bangs or oddly shaped bobs. The hair accessories were also much more prominent, usually coordinating with the other jewelry the women were wearing. On the male side, Anthony Bridgerton was clean shaven this season and let’s just say, it worked! His fresh face made him look younger and definitely more attractive.

The romance in this season stretched the length of the eight episodes. The writers didn’t give us what we wanted until episode eight. Anthony Bridgerton is forced to choose between sensibility and true love and passion. The problem is, those two goals come in the form of the Sharma sisters. Edwina is demure, respectful and would make the perfect Viscountess. Kate Sharma is fiery, independent and wants nothing to do with the season. Anthony sets his sights on Edwina after she is named the season’s diamond, deciding he will have nothing but the best, however, as he spends more time with the Sharma sisters, his affection for Kate grows.

Anthony and Kate have steamy scenes that come to a head when the two kiss in the church after the disastrous failed wedding. This scene begins the whirlwind that is their relationship and kicks Anthony into gear. He realizes what he really wants, and it is clear that it’s Kate. Finally both of them decide that they’re what each other needs and they live happily ever after.

As for the other Bridgerton children, Daphne and her baby are happy as can be. Benedict goes to art school and meets a lady while he is there, Eloise and Penelope have a falling out after she discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, and the youngest children continue to not particularly have a place in the overall plot. Colin Bridgerton has lost all of my respect. I really enjoyed Colin’s character up until the last episode where he is seen talking with his friends about ladies. In the process we hear him say “Are you mad? I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington. Not in your wildest fantasies.” Now, while I have not been Penelope’s biggest fan this season, Colin has been leading her on since the beginning.

Speaking of the Featheringtons, I think that they were featured too much. I understand that their story is very interesting but I found myself tuning out when they were on screen. On top of that, the plot point of trying to marry Prudence off to the new Lord Featherington was creepy. I understand that they are not immediate cousins but it just gave me the ick.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season and I am looking forward to the next one, especially since it is rumored that Regé-Jean Page will be returning in some way. My love for this show is unmatched, I can not wait to see what happens next!

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