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Ava’s Guide to Everything: Girl, take a nap

By Ava C. Green, Features Editor

Knowing when to take a break:

I told my sister weeks ago I’d be too busy to go back home with her this past week. When Friday rolled around, I was feeling regretful of quickly declining this trip home. I then realized I had nothing to do on Friday or Saturday. I had no deadlines approaching and nothing fun was going on. (No offense, Canisius.) I thought to myself, “Am I bored?”

I had been so busy with new commitments, heavy workloads and general girlboss-iness that I haven’t felt bored in ages. I realized, I have no ties to campus right now, my sister is home, so why am I not? I went back and forth between blaring music and calling my friends to make some quick plans and could not stop smiling. I had the chance to see friends and family, sleep in my own bed, SHOWER WITHOUT SHOWER SHOES ON! What else could an almost burnt-out girl ask for.

I had a lovely weekend full of naps, leisurely school work, so many hugs and lots of driving. It was much needed after some pretty crazy weeks. So, I feel like this little excursion was a reward for getting through it all as much as it was a break.

I left my house on Sunday with clearer skin, my “frat flu” was gone and I had just had some of the best sleep in my life. I know it would have been much better on my wallet to stay at school and not put even more miles onto my car. But, when your sister tells you she wishes you were home, you go home.

Reader, I know you have been working like crazy and pushing yourself every day and I am so proud of you for keeping it up! But a little break goes a long way. I feel like being able to reset, reorganize and get some rest has made me take on this week with so much vigor and I know you’ll feel the same way.

Put on a facemask, paint your nails, turn off your phone, find a cute cafe, visit someone you love. Just do something that makes the world stop spinning for a moment and revel in it; let things slow down around you, even just for a minute. You completely deserve it.

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