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Animal of the Week: Billy the Chorkie

By Kathrine Ledermann, Features Contributor

Sending us off into Thanksgiving break is Billy the chorkie! He is a chihuahua yorkie mix native to my house in Albany, New York. Billy’s favorite foods consist of various cheeses and whatever happens to fall on the floor. His pastimes include having the zoomies, playing fetch, barking and scaring everyone by sounding like he is choking after every time he drinks water, but this is likely what is called “backwards sneezing.” This occurs when the pharynx — the area behind the nose and mouth that leads to the throat — is irritated. It’s common in smaller breeds, but it is not serious and will go away after a few seconds.

Although small, Billy packs quite the bark. He will bark at just about anything and will not stop until he determines that the threat has been eliminated. He can be a little anxious sometimes, but if I was that small I would probably be scared by a lot of things, too: but Billy is a very loving dog once he warms up to you. He is also very fashionable! His wardrobe includes, but is not limited to, a variety of harnesses, a rain jacket and a sombrero. If you would like to see more of Billy, his Instagram is @billythechorkie . Have a great bark — I mean, break, everyone!

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