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A Love Letter to Platform Converse A Love Letter to Platform Converse

By Rebecca Nagel, Features Contributor

Happy Valentine’s Day week to all of you who don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday whose primary purpose is to sell large amounts of chocolates, cards and tons of roses! Wait — do people actually celebrate Valentine’s Day the entire week? Anyway, that’s beside the point, so back to the topic. I have wanted to write a love letter to one of the most special parts of my life for a little while now, so here it is.

While I do not have a special someone this Valentine’s Day, my platform Converse sneakers never disappoint and are a solid staple in my life and on my feet. As of now, I currently have four pairs of platform Converse: a black-lugged, high-top embroidered pair, a pastel green-lugged pair, a pair of the 2022 Pride low-top Converse and a pair of the 2022 Christmas plaid high-top Converse with gold eyelets, laces and logo.

My first pair of platform Converse was purchased in the spring of 2022 when I had only ever worn the plain low-top Converse. I had tried on a pair of normal high-top ones years before. but I never liked the look or feel of high-top Converse until I found platform lugged Converse. I had noticed that the fabric in platform Converse was much softer, plus the platforms added extra cushioning and arch support for my grandma feet. Along with the feel, they looked amazing and made me a few inches taller. And for someone who goes to several general admission concerts per year, the few extra inches have helped me greatly — especially when I had a six-foot-something man standing directly in front of me at an Alec Benjamin concert.

Even though I only have four pairs of platform Converse at the moment, I definitely will be buying more in the future, because they aren’t only fashionable but also obnoxiously comfortable. These are shoes that I can wear during my eight-hour shifts at the library, on family vacations and even on long hiking trips. They are my most comfortable shoes and I will forever buy them when Converse releases new styles. Thank you, Converse.


Your not-so-secret admirer

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