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This week in senate

The guest speaker at this week's Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Senate meeting was John Tychinski. There were three appeals passed this week for ACS, Afro-Society, and Phi Alpha Delta.

Student Programming Board Representative Soriano said that on March 11, USA will be hosting the Winter Disco; March 16 USA will be cosponsoring Stress Less Day and will be hosting a Harry Potter themed essential oils kit station; and on March 31 they will be running a pie/“pi” day.

Student Interests Chair Mastrodonato said that Thursday in the Quad events will take place April 7, 21, and 28, as well as May 3.

Public Safety Liaison Senator Galanti related her conversation with Chief Beaty about the incident that occurred in Dugan Hall on January 30 at 8:13 p.m., when two white males, ages 27 and 28, entered Dugan Hall behind a student who was opening the door. The perpetrators began to go on different floors and were banging on occupied rooms, which prompted students to call Public Safety. Officer Westholden and Williams arrested them on the spot for trespassing, since neither of them are current students here at Canisius. There was no alert sent out because the situation was diffused immediately and the only crime these two men committed was trespassing; therefore, as related by Senator Galanti, Chief Beaty did not think it was necessary to send out an alert to the entire campus because they did not pose a huge threat to students safety and were taken into custody so promptly.

Advisor Jason Francey asked the Senate for money this week to support a leadership development program. A leadership retreat and conference were both discussed as ideas to grow this program. USA voted to allocate $50,000 to this initiative.

During open discussion, Speaker Hudson announced that he would be stepping down as the chair of the Rules and Elections Board, since he is running for executive board. USA then formally appointed Vice Speaker Faas to be the interim chair and Senators Overton and Fontana as interim members of the board until after the election.

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