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This week in Senate

A new ad hoc committee, a laptop initiative and a discussion about dorm safety protocols highlighted this week’s Senate meeting.

USA President Alyssa Deacon would like to form a new ad hoc committee to revise the USA’s constitution over the next few weeks. Eventually, sophomore Senator Rami Daham, senior Senator Danny Kennedy and Speaker Jahare Hudson were named to the committee, with other members to be decided on at a later date. They continue to look for constitution ideas from any member of USA.

The Senate also passed a new laptop initiative, partnering up with the Griff Center to purchase laptops for students who do not have the means to do so. The Griff Center purchased seven laptops and the Senate passed funding for seven more, bringing the total up to 14. It has been a goal of the Senate this year to help students on a physical level, and the initiative is a part of doing so. This was done with the help of Dr. Mark Harrington, the AVP for student development and academic success.

Finally, they discussed a better way for Student Life to establish safety protocols to alert all students in a timely manner when there is a threat on campus, stemming from an incident in Dugan Hall on Sunday night. Student Life will be looking into doing so, alongside Public Safety.

The opening for a new Asian food station in Dining Hall was postponed from Tuesday to Feb. 15. Staff training is underway.

Appeals for The Griffin and C-Block passed, as did a constitution for the new Film Club.

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