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  • Jon Dusza, News Editor

This week in Senate

To begin what would become a brief and fairly standard meeting this week, the Senate unanimously approved the new proposed constitution of the Physics Club.

Following that, a number of funding appeals from clubs were heard. Those appeals came from the Quidditch Club, the CrescentDON’Ts and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Each of the appeals was swiftly approved.

Also appealing was Unity, whose appeal was fulfilled only partially to pay for food trucks in an upcoming event. Due to unspent money from their initially allocated budget, the Finance Board did but not fully approve the appeal.

Along with that, the Senate reviewed questions to be asked to candidates in the running to replace President Hurley, which were discussed last week. The questions were sent to the presidential search committee, which said they would keep their questions in mind during the search process.

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