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  • Jenna French, News Editor

This week in senate

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) filled three vacancies at this week’s meeting.

A senior senator position was filled by Zachary Lundy. Senior Senator Christopher LaRussa was appointed to serve as the public health committee chair. Sophomore Natalie Faas was appointed as the vice speaker.

In new business, two clubs appealed for funds. C-Block’s appeal was only partially funded; the second half of the appeal will be re-evaluated by the finance board. SAAC appealed for the funds to purchase club apparel, prizes for an upcoming event and supplies for a breast cancer awareness initiative.

Vice President of Business and Finance Matthew Johnson updated some budget regulations that pertain to giveaways and the funding of giveaways when appealed. This was approved by a majority vote.

President John Hurley was the guest speaker this week. He answered questions and discussed the future of the college beyond his retirement. One of the topics discussed was the “demographic challenge.” Hurley said the college is working towards becoming “more open and welcome to diverse students.”

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